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albion_unbound's Journal

Albion Unbound
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We aspire to be albion_fic's wittering maiden aunt.

It goes without saying that nothing posted here is true. This is a community for fiction that falls into the category of Alternate Realities, or crack!fic. We're trying to provide a home for all those strange little plot bunnies that seem too strange and twisted for anywhere else!

The majority of authors will be posting Libertines-centric fic, but we also accept fics featuring other members of other bands, providing it is suitably weird. We're pretty relaxed around here, but as we are off-topic enough as it is we do ask that fics posted feature at least one member of an NME-type band.

Any Good Charlotte fic can fuck right off, unless Alex Kapranos is an assassin hired to kill them and falls in love with Nick McCarthy on the way.

We have but few rules here:

1. Please make sure your fic is relevant to this community:
Anything based in fact and reality, set in present day, may not be suitable, unless Pete is pregnant with Kate's baby or Carl has suddenly grown another arm and has run away to join a troupe of Bavarian opera singers.
If you're unsure, take a look at what has been posted before to get an idea of the kind of fics we accept here. If you feel it's unsuitable, then perhaps albion_fic is the place for you.

2. If you have a beta, please credit them:
If you're looking for a beta, try albion_beta which is an excellent place to start.

3. It would be nice if you could spellcheck and proofread all fic - but we don't require this. Also, a short header for each fic would also be lovely, detailing title, pairing, and any dubious content as a warning; again, this is nice but not mandatory.

4. Please use an lj cut:
It is acceptable for drabbles to not be cut, but if they are non-work safe then please consider a cut anyway to spare all those people sneakily checking lj in work or at school!

5. Play nice, no flaming, and your friendly mod all_the_pies won't bite. Hard. If you have any problems with anything posted here, please try and be civil about it. Email all_the_pies if you think a fic should be removed.
If you have a problem with a member of the community, please try emailing them directly rather than leaving comments in a community for all to see.

Have fun, kids.

Renegade AU's coming atcha!

(userinfo by alchemywow, who now plays in different sandboxes)
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